Tired of cooking at home? Don’t worry Siam paragon is here to save you.

What to do when you are getting tired of cooking at home? Why don’t you try to imagine as if you are traveling to different countries by looking for some delicious international dishes for you and your love ones? You can either call for delivery service or come to Siam Paragon (G floor) to grab some take-out food and bring them back home.

We are available at 11.00-20.00.
Please contact the restaurant for more information.

居家隔离不怕!暹罗百丽宫Siam Paragon为您准备国际美味!
在家也能吃到世界一流的美食,改变您平淡的生活。一起来看看暹罗百丽宫有哪些餐厅已经为您提供外卖服务。 可通过外卖服务或到暹罗百丽宫Siam Paragon G楼来取 。

取货和送货时间从11.00 -20.00小时。

Spicy Thai Flavor
Chilli Thai restaurant:  Who craves authentic Thai food, can order to eat fully with the delicious menu like Chilli Thai Appetizer with spring rolls, fried chicken, rice cracker and golden bag.Or Spicy pork soup and grilled  Iberico pork neck also one of the best seller dishes that you can’t miss.
Enjoy 50% discount when ordering via Lineman application (only 10 available menus)

不能错过Chilli Thai 餐厅的泰国正宗味道。本店推荐Chilli Thai的开胃菜套餐,包括炸鸡、春卷等其他美食。 还有本店著名的酸辣猪肉汤和烤伊比利火腿。
订餐方式:通过外卖APP LINEMAN订餐可乐享5折优惠。(特定菜单)

Italian Style
One of the best seller menu, Amici Pizza Parma Ham. Thin crust and good quality of Parma Ham combine with special Pescatora sauce. Or if you are huge fans of Spaghetti shouldn’t miss Seafood Spaghetti and combination between shrimps, squids, clams, mussels and sea bass porcini.
Enjoy a 20% discount (only 3 available menus) when order via GET FOOD / for take-home order received a 15% discount.

AMICI意大利料理餐厅热销菜单“帕尔马火腿匹萨”优质帕尔马火腿配上了本店的特制酱Pescatora和“海鲜意大利面” 包括虾,鱿鱼,蛤,贻贝,鲈鱼,菌蘑菇汁。
订餐方式:通过GET FOOD订餐可乐享8折的优惠(特定菜单)/带走打8.5折。

Japanese food
AOI :  Premium Japanese food that can change the home to the real Japanese restaurant. Eat like a chef is cooking right in front of you.
Delivery service available on Lineman application.

订餐方式:可通过外卖APP LINEMAN订餐/带走。

Suki Masa: Many menus from Japan in Kansai style ready to serve right to your place.
Order via 021294880, 0613929777.
Special promotion :received a 10% discount and get free 1 bowl of pork or beef rice when spending at 2000 THB

Suki Masa :关西风格的许多日式菜单等您来品尝,赶紧订购吧。
订餐方式:可以打电话订餐 021294880, 0613929777。购满2000泰铢打9折,赠送一份猪肉或牛肉盖饭。

Chinese food
Four Season: Clear the table at home and bring in your entire family to try the red abalone and Four Seasons Roasted Duck.
Special deal! 50% Discount on roasted duck and 20% discount for other menus.
Order via:026109578

订餐方式 :电话号码 026109578

English afternoon tea at your place
Harrods Tea Room:   Whether it is savory or sweet, you can go back and arrange a romantic dinner at home. Or set up an afternoon tea with delicious pastries like scones, it will make your place look better immediately.
Delivery service available on LINEMAN application.
Special promotion for take-home: every day at 5 pm enjoy Happy hour pastry.

Harrods哈罗德茶室 :,在家里也可以品尝到正宗的英国下午茶,无论是主餐或甜品Harrods 哈罗德茶室都为您准备好了。
订餐方式 : 通过外卖APP LINEMAN订餐 / 每日晚上5点带走的顾客可享受happy hour pastry的优惠。