“ONESIAM Weekend Special”

Get special weekend deals with up to 20% off at the participating restaurants in Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery.
Plus, when shopping at 1,500 baht, GET:
1. Paragon Cineplex Ticket: 1 seat
2. Bowling Game at Bluo-O, Buy 1 Get 1: 1 coupon
3. Karaoke at Blu-O, Buy 1 Hr Get 1 Hr: 1 coupon
Limited to 1,000 rights/ day (limited to 4 rights/ person/ day only) 

Terms and Conditions
1. Gather and present your receipts from the participating stores in Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, and Paragon Department Store, from 1,500 baht to get a Paragon Cineplex ticket, a Buy 1 Get 1 Bowling Game coupon at Blu-O, and a Buy 1 Hr Get 1 Hr Karaoke coupon at Blu-O, on the purchase day at Redemption Counter.
2. A Paragon Cineplex ticket, a Buy 1 Get 1 Bowling Game coupon at Blu-O, and a Buy 1 Hr Get 1 Hr Karaoke coupon at Blu-O are valid only on the dates stated on the coupons.
3. Limited to 4 rights/ person/ day, 1,000 first rights/ days
4. The right is reserved only to the customers redeeming by themselves.
5. The documents for redemption are your receipts from the participating stores, ID card/ passport, credit card, credit card sales slips (when using credit card).
6.  Exclusion from the campaign: 1-item purchase with more than 1 receipt; voucher or top-up card purchase, reservation without deposit or with refundable deposit; business/ resale purchase; facility payment or investment, e.g. investment unit, life insurance, water bill, electricity, and mobile phone; mobile phone top-up card; money exchange. The right is reserved for those who meet Terms and Conditions first or until the rewards are all redeemed.  
7. The employees or owners of the stores cannot participate when making a purchase at their own stores. Redemption shall be revoked if the receipts do not apply with Terms and Conditions. 
8. The receipts used for this campaign shall not be eligible for other promotions of the shopping center.
9. Terms and Conditions are as designated by the company. Please find more information at Redemption Counter.
10. The company reserves the right to change the rewards, privileges, Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
11. The company is not responsible for a mistake made by the store employees’ communication.
12. When a receipt is hand written, please state the customer’s name clearly. The company reserves the right to make and keep its copy.
13. If the customer returns a purchased item after redemption, the shopping center reserves the right to recall or revoke the redeemed rewards without prior notice.
14. In case of dispute, the decision made by the company is absolute.

喜迎特价促销活动,20%的折扣,参与本次活动有在暹罗百丽宫Siam Paragon
暹罗中心Siam Center和暹罗探索Siam Discovery的餐厅。
1. 一张百丽宫电影院票;
2. 一张Blu-O保龄球优惠券,购买1次游戏,额外赠送1次游戏;
3. 一张Blu-O卡拉ok优惠券,购买1小时,额外赠送1小时,

1. 从参与暹罗百丽宫Siam Paragon、暹罗中心Siam Center、暹罗探索Siam Discovery和百丽宫百货区的商店中收集购买各种产品和服务的收据,消费满1,500泰铢以上即可兑换一张百丽宫电影院票;一张Blu-O保龄球优惠券,购买1次游戏,额外赠送1次游戏;一张Blu-O卡拉ok优惠券,购买1小时,额外赠送1小时;仅根据指定条件,当天消费当天在兑换柜台兑换。
2. 一张百丽宫电影院票;一张Blu-O保龄球优惠券,购买1次游戏,额外赠送1次游戏;一张Blu-O卡拉ok优惠券,购买1小时,额外赠送1小时;根据优惠券背后指定时间使用。
3. 仅限每人每天兑换四次优惠,1,000位/天。
4. 只限本人亲自领取。
5. 奖品的资料是:参与活动的商店收据+身份证/护照和信用卡+信用卡单据 (在使用信用卡付款的情况下)。
6. 不符合本活动的条件:购买1件商品,收据分成1张以上;购买优惠券或者各种商店的充值卡;预订尚未实际支付的产品或支付可退还的押金;商业购买/批发;水电费支付或投资购买,例如购买投资单位、人寿保险、水电费、电话费等等;购买话费充值卡、换汇、满足条件的人都可领取礼品直至礼品发完。
7. 租赁商店的销售员和店主,如果在自己的商店中购买产品,则不可以参与促销优惠活动。 如果兑换的收据不符合条件,我们将取消兑换奖品的权利。
8. 此促销的收据, 无法兑换该中心的其他促销活动。
9. 条件由公司规定,请在兑换处检查增加的条件。
10. 公司持有更改礼品利的权利和条件,恕不另行通知。
11. 因出租店销售人员的沟通而引起的过失,本公司概不负责。
12. 携带书写收据时,请清楚地注明客户名,公司将有权保留副本。
13. 如果客户在兑换免费礼品后退还产品,兑换中心有权撤回或取消使用礼品的权利,恕不另行通知。
14. 发生争议时,公司裁决结果。