Siam Paragon Fashion & Accessories Flash Sale

“Siam Paragon Fashion & Accessories Flash Sale” 
Thai shop Thai, with up to 80% Discount on a variety of choices from 50 Top Brands.


Thai shop Thai with line up of 20 Thai fashion brands,20 accessory brands, including shoes, watches, swimwear, glasses, etc., as well as hot beauty items, available for your selection with up to 80% discount. Enjoy One Price items and many special promotions and offers. Chill out at After You Pop Up for your summer relaxation. Happening 12-23Mar’20, at Parc Paragon, M Fl., Siam Paragon.

暹罗百丽宫SiamParagon 购物中心组织了暹罗百丽宫时装和配饰闪购Siam Paragon Fashion & Accessories Flash Sale”, 为大家准备了来自泰国设计师的超过20多个领先品牌和30个著名配饰品牌。例如:鞋子、手表、泳衣、眼镜等等,以及热门的美容产品系列。 促销活动中,购物者们可狂欢购物,最大折扣高达80%,还有许多一口价商品,福利满满。除此之外,2020312日至23日在暹罗百丽宫M楼您可以顺便来After You 甜品快闪店休息放松一下,迎接夏天的美食为您服务。

Meet Thai fashion designer brands lining up for your selection, with up to 80% discount
Including 27 Friday, A Pale Petal, ADHOC, ake ake, ALAND, Dr.Martens, Flynow, GENTLEWOMAN, HOUSE OF PB, iCONiC, Insomnia by Vara, MILIN, P.MITH, Q DESING AND PLAY, Rosaniyom, Shaka, SIX P.M., TAKTAI, Theatre, VANORN BANGKOK, WANNASU,  Wonder Anatomie, etc. Don’t miss One Price items, starting at 300THB, and special discount up to 80%.

包括:Friday、A Pale Petal、ADHOC、ake ake、ALAND、Dr.Martens、Flynow、GENTLEWOMAN、HOUSE OF PB、iCONiC、Insomnia by Vara、MILIN、P.MITH、Q DESING AND PLAY、Rosaniyom、Shaka、SIX P.M. 、TAKTAI、Theatre、VANORN BANGKOK、WANNASU、Wonder Anatomie等等。千万不要错过一口价商品,300泰铢起售,琳琅满目等你来尽情挑选,入手成为它们的主人,并且享受高达80%优惠折扣。

Enjoy mix-and-match accessories from 30 top brands, with up to 70% discount.
30 top accessory brands for summer fun, with up to 70% discount, including Casio,  MOS, MOON OVER STAR, RINA, Eastpak, Timbuk2,  Manhattan Portage, Victorinox Knife, CK Swimwear, Hom Swimwear, Cut & Paste, Purli, Sunbath and Pool Only, Coralist, Bag it all, Bangkok Basket, Palini, Bouton Blue, Portland, etc. Let’s catch up with hot beauty items from 3INA, Nars, Burberry, Benefit, Banila Co, and many more special promotions for shopping therapy.

混合搭配30个知名品牌的配饰,享受夏季最高70%的折扣,包括 Casio、MOS、MOON OVER STAR、RINA、Eastpak、Timbuk2、Manhattan Portage、Victorinox Knife、CK Swimwear、Hom Swimwear、Cut & Paste、Purli、Sunbath and Pool Only、Coralist, Bag it all、Bangkok Basket、Palini、Bouton Blue、Portland 等。各大化妆美容热门商品更新不断,优惠大酬宾等你来,包括3INA、Nars、Burberry、Benefit、Banila Co等。

Chilled and Relax with After You Pop Up
After You Pop Up, Thailand Famous Cafe, to introduce “Mayongchid Frappe” (Marian Plum), Soft Chocolate Bun, and many more menus for you to enjoy shopaholic ambiance with DJ feats all day.

迎接酷暑夏天,和After You 甜品快闪店一起冰爽一夏
著名甜品店After You来推出最特别的枇杷芒鲜榨果汁、丝滑香甜巧克力点心Soft Chocolate Bun和许多其他菜单,以及还有DJ带您狂欢,为购物氛围增添色彩,满满一整天不间断。

Have fun with ONESIAM Weekend Special.
Meet special promotion, ONESIAM Weekend Special, Sat. and Sun. only, happening 14-15, and 21-22MAR’ 20. When spending 1,500.- or more at participating stores, get one movie ticket from Paragon Cineplex, one Buy 1 Get 1 Blu-O bowling Coupon, and one Buy 1 Hour Get Free 1 Hour Blu-O Karaoke Coupon. Limit to 1,000 privileges/ day.

Get trendy with all new collections for your nonstop marathon shopping at “Siam Paragon Fashion & Accessories Flash Sale”. Thai help Thai, with up to 80% discount, and One Price items for your selection at this event ONLY...

暹罗商圈周末特惠ONESIAM Weekend Special
暹罗商圈周末特惠ONESIAM Weekend Special 仅在2020314-15日、21-22日的周六和周日进行,从参与活动的商店购物满1,500泰铢即可兑换一张百丽宫电影城的电影票、一张买11 Blu-O保龄球优惠券、一张买1小时赠送1小时的卡拉OK优惠券, 1000位/天。

Don’t miss this 12-day event, happening 12-23MAR’20, at Parc Paragon, M Fl., Siam Paragon.
For more info, please contact 02-610-8000.

2020312日至23日在暹罗百丽宫Siam Paragon MParc Paragon举办,千万不能错过本活动的整整12天!